SUDAAN News Releases


SUDAAN Training is back!

RTI International is excited to announce the return of SUDAAN Training Courses. We are offering three courses during 2024. These courses will be taught synchronously online through Zoom. Courses are held for two hours on Wednesdays from 10:30AM-12:30PM (EST) for four consecutive weeks. Each course consists of a total of 8 hours of instruction.

The courses and dates offered are:

1. 8-hour Online Descriptive Course - January 24, 2024 to February 14, 2024
2. 8-hour Online Descriptive Course - July 10, 2024 to July 31, 2024
3. 8-hour Online Modeling Course - August 21, 2024 to September 11, 2024

Please see our training page for more information about these courses and for registration information. Courses can be ordered under Products


SAS-Callable SUDAAN for SAS 9.4 M8

New SUDAAN SAS-Callable for 64-bit SAS 9.4 M8 is available for download.


SUDAAN New Release 11.0.4

RTI, International is proud to announce the release of SUDAAN 11.0.4. This release introduces quality of life changes and new features, including:

-improvements to labeling of output data sets from the modeling procedures REGRESS, LOGISTIC, MULTILOG, and LOGLINK,

-adds the ability to produce calibrated JACKKNIFE and Balanced Repeated Replicate weights in WTADJUST and WTADJUSTX; and,

-addresses some bugs in the VARGEN and DESCRIPT procedures.

The SAS-callable version of SUDAAN 11.0.4 is also designed to work with the most recent release, 9.4M7, of SAS. For a full listing and description of the improvements and bug fixes introduced with SUDAAN 11.0.4, please read the changes document that may be found here.